Would You Dress Your Kid As Israeli Soldier for Halloween?

Would You Dress Your Kid As Israeli Soldier for Halloween?
Zucca – Halloween Pumpkin – 2008 – Night Andrea / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Walmart is selling an Israeli soldier costume for children for $27.44. Another costume, the Arab Sheik, is up for sale for $9.52. Would parents want their kids wearing these as they do trick or treat on Halloween? Apparently, not.


Update: the costumes were pulled out from Walmart’s website.

Walmart is now under fire for the said costumes. The Israeli soldier costume for children comes with a soldier uniform, complete with the red had and belt. A black gun can be bought separately. The Arab Sheik costume on the other hand is latex mask and goes by the name “Sheik Fagin Nose.”

Tweets seen by USA Today condemned Walmart for selling the costumes; especially that violence erupted between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians as of late. “Wal-Mart is selling an Israeli Army costume for your little IDF in training. And a “Sheik Fagin Nose” for your culturally insensitive nephew,” reads one tweet. “Disgusted to see you selling Israeli soldier kids’ costumes for Halloween. Not surprised, but disgusted,” reads another.

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On Tuesday, Amnesty International revealed that Israeli forces engaged in a series of unlawful killings of Palestinians using deliberate lethal force without justification. The information was based on findings from research trip to the West Bank by the human rights watch group.

Four teens, two of them girls, were shot sadistically by Israeli forces even if they posed no imminent threat to life. One such case is 19-year-old Sa’ad Muhammad Youssef who was shot seven times because he was retrieving an ID from his pocket but forces misinterpreted it as “attempted stabbing.”

Another case was 17-year-old girl Dania Jihad Hussein Ershied. She was inspected by more than five border police officers at a checkpoint. The officers shouted for her to show them her knife. Warning shots were fired at her feet. The girl stepped back and raised her arms in the air, yelling back that she did not have a knife. She was shot six or seven times.

The same case happened with 10-year-old Fadi Alloun and Hadeel al-Hashlamoun. Both were accused of attempting to stab the soldiers.

“A clear pattern has emerged of lethal force being used unlawfully by Israeli forces following a wave of recent stabbing attacks by Palestinians against Israeli civilians and military or police forces in Israel and the occupied West Bank,” Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International, said in a statement.

“Israeli forces and civilians have faced genuine attacks and threats to their lives over the past weeks. But heavily armed soldiers and police wearing body armour facing a possible knife attack have a duty to use proportionate and graduated force and attempt to arrest suspects before resorting to the use of lethal force,” Luther explained further.