Would You Ditch Windows 10 ‘Surface Book’ And Go For MacBook Pro?

Would You Ditch Windows 10 ‘Surface Book’ And Go For MacBook Pro?
Photo Credit: NightRStar via Compfight cc
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Everyone was waiting for the “Windows 10” event for the all-new Lumia phones, but what happened after the event? No one could get enough of Microsoft’s first-ever laptop, Surface Book.


The Surface Book is a Windows 10 laptop packed with essential specifications. It is without a doubt on everyone’s must-buy lists. After Microsoft has put the Surface Book for pre-order on its online store, how many orders do you think the company will get? Will it break all the previous sales record of Windows? Even though this seems to be the case, this is not happening anytime soon. Why?

The only problem with Surface Book is that it is not affordable. Where the 128GB model costs you $1,499, which is the cheapest among all models, the 1TB laptop would literally burn a hole in your pocket as it would cost you a whooping $3,199. The only reason Windows is the most used operating system is because it fits everyone’s budget. You can buy decent systems from well-known brands under $400.

With a budget of $1,000, anyone would easily settle for a MacBook Pro as the 13-inch base model costs $1,299 and offers you almost everything a Surface Book does. Undoubtedly, Microsoft is targeting a completely different class of society with the Surface Book. The company has enough machines in the market for everyone else. Now it is time for the “enterprise” group.

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Gizmodo’s Mario Aguilar wrote, “You want premium Windows? Microsoft now has what you’re looking for.” He further added, “Millions of people have been paying premium for ages for Macs.” I wonder if that is the exact thought behind the $3,199 price tag. If you can pay that much for a MacBook, why not for a Windows 10 laptop?