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World’s Oldest Person Health Secret Is Eating Raw Eggs

World’s Oldest Person Health Secret Is Eating Raw Eggs
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World’s Oldest Person Health Secret Is Eating Raw Eggs

The world’s oldest person celebrated her 117th birthday on Tuesday.

Emma Morano from Italy was born on November 29, 1899. She celebrated her birthday on Tuesday with friends, neighbors, and doctors around her.

World’s oldest person celebrates 117th birthday

Believed to be the last living person from the 1800s, she has lived through three centuries and two world wars. The key to her long life is eating raw eggs every day.

Dr. Carlo Bava, Morano’s doctor, said that the lady’s long life is because of her genetics. Her mother lived until the age of 91. Several of her sisters also reached the 100-year milestone.

According to the New York Times, Dr. Bava said that Morano, despite her age, remains in excellent health and has a sharp memory. “She’s in great form,” he said. “And I think she’s happy to have made it to this birthday.”

World’s oldest person health secret: Raw eggs, affection of loved ones

“The secret is in growing old with people who love you, which is different from growing old and being put up with,” Bava said. Affection of loved ones is very important when it comes to being able to live long lives. “That’s the secret to a long life.”

Morano was confirmed to be the world’s oldest living person by the Guinness World Records on May 16 this year when she was 116 years and 169 days old.

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