World’s Longest Python Found! Dies Immediately After

World’s Longest Python Found! Dies Immediately After
Python Ozzy Delaney / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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A giant python that could be the world’s longest snake ever caught has died.


The reptile, found in a building site in Malaysia, was estimated to be 8 meters long and weighing as much as 250 kilograms. It was noticed under a fallen tree on the island of Penang on Thursday, BBC News reports.

Herme Herisyam, operations chief for Penang’s Civil Defense Department’s southwest district, said that workers of the building site called emergency services and informed them about the snake on Thursday. It took around 30 minutes to trap the snake, as reported by the Guardian. It perished after laying an egg. However, it has not been determined yet why the snake died.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the title of the longest snake in captivity is held by Medusa, living in Missouri. In the 2011 edition, the reticulated python measured 7.67 meters long and weighed 158.8 kilograms – roughly 90 kilograms less than the Malaysian reptile.

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While Medusa still holds the title, it may soon be at risk of losing it. The record prior to Medusa was held by Fluffy; measuring 7.3 meters, the snake perished in 2010 at the age of 18 years.

Reticulated pythons get their name from the grid-like pattern on their skin. While the adult snakes grow to become 3 to 6 meters in average, they are known to be the world’s longest snakes.

However, the Malaysian snake has not been measured by record keepers. It died before it was to be sent to the Department of Wildlife.

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