World War Zero: Who Are The Mysterious Sea Peoples?

World War Zero: Who Are The Mysterious Sea Peoples?
The End of the Bronze Age YouTube / Luwian Studies

Ancient Egyptian texts describe an event in history where a mysterious civilization raided Cyprus. Some 3,000 years ago, the Bronze Age civilization was obliterated and doomed, thanks to the “Sea Peoples,” a new theory suggests.


Before, not much is known about the Sea Peoples, their civilization, and their culture. More so, on how they were able to cause such a major blow, which led to the demise of thriving civilizations during 1200 BC.

According to a new theory presented by the Luwian Studies, the people behind the fall of these civilizations, which later on paved the way for the Trojan War, are people from relatively smaller kingdoms who spoke the Luwian language. The theory adds that the small and underdog kingdoms have joined forces and formed a coalition to overthrow much stronger and thriving civilizations.

After the formation of coalitions, the Sea Peoples launched an attack against the neighboring Hittite empire. They waged a war, which now been called as “World War Zero.” After claiming victory, these Luwian-speaking people extended their territory, which covers Northern Greece all the way to present-day Lebanon.

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“Instead of natural disasters and unknown invaders, the thus far little-known Luwian people will now assume the pivotal role in triggering this demise. Once their significance is acknowledged, answers to a number of hitherto puzzling questions in Mediterranean Archaeology are likely to fall into place,” an excerpt of the Luwian Studies reads.

The study added that the Sea Peoples later met their demise after kings in the Mycenaean have formed a coalition to obliterate their existence. The Sea Peoples, also known as the Luwians, had sent so much chill to neighboring empires, including Egypt.

Their civilization lasted likely about one generation, the study added.

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