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World War News: Iran To Become More Powerful Than US, Russia Finds New Ally?

World War News: Iran To Become More Powerful Than US, Russia Finds New Ally?
Feb. 24, 2012. A Free Syrian Army fighter is seen as he aims at an Al Assad Forces position in al-Qsair Freedom House / Flickr cc


World War News: Iran To Become More Powerful Than US, Russia Finds New Ally?

Iran is joining the arms race after it reportedly announced military plans more powerful than the U.S.

According to reports, Iran has boasted that their generals are working on a military plan better than America’s nukes. Will the U.S. have new foes in the upcoming world war?

Tensions between Washington and old rivals seem to be escalating. Apart from Russia, Washington could be up against old foes Tehran. According to reports, things have escalated following a series of naval and air force confrontations. Iran previously warned that it will shoot down U.S. planes. Now, the country boasted that it has a more effective plan than the United States.

Iran To Become More Powerful Than US

Military chiefs in the Middle Eastern country declared their plans to advance the capability of their navy. This will require nukes redundant.

In fact, Iran reportedly said they are prepared for war against the “satanic” U.S. Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri claimed that the construction of ships, ports and bases in foreign nations “could be ten times more efficient than nuclear power,” as cited by the Iranian Tasnim news agency.

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“One day, we may need bases on the coasts of Yemen and Syria,” added General Baqeri. “We need the necessary infrastructures for it under the international maritime law.”

Russia Finds A New Ally?

Likewise, Sputnik reported about the possible strengthening ties between Russia and Iran. Representatives of Tehran and Moscow are reportedly acting more strategically in building ties.

“A very close link between Russia and Iran was established and this close link will bring peace and stability to the region, to our countries and will lead to security in general,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

“We have significant progress in all spheres of bilateral relations — in political and economic spheres as well as in regional and international issues,” he added.

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