World War 3? South and North Korea Remain Unyielding; US Gears Up To Defend The South

World War 3? South and North Korea Remain Unyielding; US Gears Up To Defend The South
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Tension between the South and North Korea intensifies as neither wants to back down from respective threats. South Korean President Park Geun-Hye insisted on its demand the North should apologize to the South for the fatal landmine blasts should it want the South put a halt on its anti-North campaign. Is this the start of the end?

But North Korea stood ground on its claim it was not responsible for the landmine blast for it did not lay the mines. The three-year war in 1950 only ended the two Koreas in truce than peace.


On August 4, the two Koreas are on the brink of war as landmine blast took the lives of two soldiers. On Thursday last week, sensing the North Korea’s rocket projectile about to be launched against the South Korea, the latter’s government gave an order to rain artillery against the North.

“We need a clear apology and measures to prevent a recurrence of these provocations and tense situations,” the South Korean President was quoted by Reuters.

“Otherwise, this government will take appropriate steps and continue loudspeaker broadcasts,” the President added, referring to the fact that since the landmine incidence, the South engaged in anti-North campaign, including balloons carrying flyers dropped at North Korea’s premises.

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U.S. gears up to in South Korea’s defense

The Pentagon raises its alarms as military forces in North Korea began mobilizing during the closing days last week despite classified talks this weekend between the two Koreas within the Demilitarized Zone. In a report from CNN says high-ranking U.S. commanders are reviewing “the U.S. war plan for defending South Korea” when a necessity arises.

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According to military planners and commanders, they made sure the war plan has been updated to “include what U.S. forces are available” and “what actions by North Korean would trigger a U.S. military response,” the report says.

Part of the weekend talks was the United States’ consideration of “cancelling a potential flight of a B-52 bomber” which is included in the current military exercises with South Korea, as reported.

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