World War 3 Scenarios: Russia Ready for WWIII As It Prepares to Destroy Missile Systems

World War 3 Scenarios: Russia Ready for WWIII As It Prepares to Destroy Missile Systems
Reception in honour of heads of delegations taking part in Russia-ASEAN summit President of Russia / Website CC BY 4.0

Russia is not taking any chances, as it has reportedly started making steps towards destroying missile systems across the globe. The country is now looking into gliders that will give it comparative advantage against other super powers. Is Moscow preparing for World War?


Russia’s New Powerful Weapons

Russia is preparing to take over against any opposition across the globe. There are now reports about new Yu-74 ultra-maneuverable hypersonic glide vehicles that would be unveiled soon to ramp up Russia’s reputation when it comes to military artillery.

According to Global Research, Russia has been working on hypersonic weapons in the last few years. The weapons have reportedly set speeds at 3,840 mph (Mach 5), and 7,680 mph (Mach 10). More importantly, they are equipped with advanced technologies for moving against a series of defense missile systems.

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Furthermore, the gliders also supposedly have been developed onto Russia’s RS-28 Sarmat, including the capacity to load 24 nuclear-loaded Yu-74 gliders. The report also said that the Sarmat ballistic missile can target anything that is within the 6.2 thousand mile radius in one hour.

“These features guarantee penetration of any existing and prospective missile defense system of a potential adversary. By adopting such systems, Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces will significantly increase their efficiency,” one analyst said.

The World Against Russia

While there has been much debate on whether Russia is truly the aggressor across the globe, there are contributing factors to why the country has been increasingly protective of its interests. Some analysts believe that the United States has launched propaganda against Moscow, painting it to be the bad guy in order to justify its military moves. Nonetheless, there are also the EU sanctions to consider the increasing tension with NATO and other European nations.

According to Reuters, the European Union is expected to stretch out its economic sanctions against Russia next week for as long as six months. The extension comes at the expense of what is happening in Ukraine although some believe that such a stance or decision could change later on.

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  • JCDavis

    It should be clear to any objective observer that NATO is the aggressor, and that this aggression is being driven from the White House by Obama, who himself is a puppet of neocons in the previous administration. They used Hayden’s NSA to dig up blackmail dirt on the president before he was even elected to the Senate. If this blackmail could be neutralized by revealing the content, this dangerous situation could be defused.