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World War 3 News: Russia’s KGB To Return For War, Obama Attacks Putin

World War 3 News: Russia’s KGB To Return For War, Obama Attacks Putin
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World War 3 News: Russia’s KGB To Return For War, Obama Attacks Putin

The increasing tensions on the world stage may be one of the reasons talks about the revival of the once powerful Soviet intelligence service, the KGB, has surfaced once more. Regardless of what the Kremlin’s intentions are, U.S. President Barack Obama has accused Russia of using force in an attempt to recover lost glory. Has Russia fallen behind the world, or is it preparing to conquer it once more?

Russia’s KGB To Be Back in Time for War?

Russia has reportedly been thinking of reviving the KGB. According to reports, Russia is planning to create a new ministry for state security ahead of the 2018 presidential elections. Some believe that it could be the resurrection of what was previously a powerful Soviet intelligence service, the KGB.

According to DW, the Moscow-based newspaper “Kommersant” reported that the government wants to transform security and intelligence services completely.

The report noted that there new State Security Ministry, or MGB, is now in the works. Furthermore, that new super ministry would be organized from the existing FSB, which will also include foreign intelligence service (SVR) and parts of the state guard service FSO – the latter in charge of securing top officials and politicians.

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“Factually, it’s about the FSB getting back the tasks of the Soviet KGB,” reported Kommersant. As if coinciding with such reports, President Obama recently claimed that Russia is trying to leverage force in the name of recovering its lost glory.

Obama Attacks Putin

“In a world that left the age of empire behind, we see Russia attempting to recover lost glory through force,” RT quoted the U.S. president.

Obama also noted that Russia still falls behind U.S. in terms of both deployment overseas and military spending, although RT noted that the cold hard figures say otherwise.

Moscow has surpassed Washington when its comes to defense budget and military presence abroad. Russia already invested as much as 3 trillion rubles ($46 billion) for its military spending in 2016. This accounts for as much as 20 percent of the total budget of the country for the said year.

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