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Russia On Collision Course With The US As Putin Declares War

Russia On Collision Course With The US As Putin Declares War
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Russia On Collision Course With The US As Putin Declares War

Russia and the United States are headed straight for outright conflict. The tensions between the two countries are reaching extremely high levels that many think will only prompt direct war with Russian Vladimir Putin issuing strict orders to huddle up all of his officials. Is Putin preparing for a declaration of war?

What makes the tensions between the United States and Russia even more alarming is that analysts believe that the tensions are not just Cold War-like, it might be an outright conflict. US-Russia relations have gone down the drain as the two countries were involved with a series of accusations and disagreements that have also pushed the tensions on a range of political issues that also involve military operations in Syria as well as Eastern European political disputes.

Russia On Collision Course With The US

“This is a conflict, there should be no doubt,” CNN quoted Matthew Rojansky, director of the Kennan Institute at the Wilson Center. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest also noted that the United States is looking into a series of “proportional” responses to alleged Russian hacking of US political groups.

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The United States also previously accused of Russia trying to meddling with its elections. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton also accused Russia of hacking and favoring GOP opponent, Donald Trump.

“There was a whole hysteria about that being of interest to Russia, but there is nothing within the interest of Russia,” said Putin.

“The whole hysteria is aimed at making the American forget about the manipulation of public opinion,” he added. “No one is talking about that, everyone wants to know who did that, what is important is what is inside and what that information is about.”

As if Russia is also preparing for war, it just ordered all of its officials to fly home any relatives living abroad given the tensions and prospects of a global war. According to Daily Mail, the decision came after Putin cancelling a planned visit to France after a row regarding Moscow’s role in the conflict in Syria.

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