World War 3 News: Russia Moving To Attack Ukraine, But Moscow ‘Seriously Concerned’?

World War 3 News: Russia Moving To Attack Ukraine, But Moscow ‘Seriously Concerned’?
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Russia’s annexation of Crimea has degraded international relations across the globe, but it appears that Moscow is not done yet as buildup of troops has been reported in Ukraine. However, Russia refuted concerns, saying it is “seriously concerned” about another fight in Ukraine picking up. Is Russia the conqueror or the rescuer? 


Ukraine Claims Russia’s Piling Up Military

Ukraine has claimed that Russian military activity started picking up again on its border and along the annexed Crimea. Activities also noted that an armored column of Russian military vehicles was seen moving along the northern region.

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister on Crimean Affairs Georgiy Tuka claimed that the Russian government in Crimea has conducted military exercises along the borderline of demarcation, as reported by Newsweek. Tuka added via Ukrainian television channel 112 that “in order not to put the civilian population in danger, the border crossings have been frozen.”

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More importantly, border service press secretary Oleh Slobodyan also announced last Monday that Ukrainian officials from the Kherson regional border with Crimea reported seeing least nine flybys by Russian air force helicopters on top of two drones at a one-kilometer height.

Russia Is Seriously Concerned About Ukraine

However, Russia’s recent statement via Bloomberg seems to reflect a different picture. According to the Russian government, it is “seriously concerned” about the increase in fighting in Ukraine’s easternmost regions.

“We are, of course, seriously concerned about what is happening in the Donbas,” said Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“The current wave of verbal and practical military activity is of course contrary to the spirit and letter of the Paris agreements and the Minsk accords.”

Lavrov added that the most recent fighting has breached peace accords signed in Minsk, Belarus. Additionally, the area Donbas has also seen the situation degrade dramatically.

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