World War 3 News: Russia Declares War On Britain? Putin And The West Collide

World War 3 News: Russia Declares War On Britain? Putin And The West Collide
Vladimir Putin Jedimentat44 / Flickr cc
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Members of the British press have been claiming that a war with Russia will happen. In fact, as Vladimir Putin prepares officials to go home and move missiles across borders, the threat of a possible Russian invasion grows by the day. Some say, though, that the West may have an agenda of its own. Is World War 3 just around the corner?


It’s the battle of the media as members of the press from colliding countries warn of a possible war despite claims of top officials. Previously, the United Kingdom was rattled by reports of Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering top officials to return home including family members. Some claim that the decision was part of Russia’s preparations for war.

Russia Declares War On Britain?

“In the context of collapsing economies, Brexit, mass immigration and cultural meltdown, the prospect of war with Russia is scary – perhaps even petrifying – but as long as it happens somewhere else, the impression gained is that it won’t be worse than the recent spate of creepy clowns,” wrote Sam Gerrans for RT.

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Previously, The Sun published a piece saying: “WAR READY Putin orders all Russian children and relatives studying abroad to return to the ‘motherland’ as he ‘prepares for WWIII.'”

Other members of the media like Fox News and The Express also reportedly ran similar pieces, although one cited source is the Russian-language site However, some claim there is so much more going on than just Russia being the enemy.

“The object of the present media noise, in my view, is twofold,” said Gerran.

“It is to make the prospect of getting into dogfights with Russian jets seem somehow acceptable in the eyes of dissolute Western audiences – at least when compared unconsciously to the prospect of all-out nuclear war – and it is to manage an incremental escalation in the long-term project of war with Russia without spooking the herd.”

The tensions may not be far from the truth; another report from CNBC claims U.S. and Britain mulling over new sanctions to pressure the Syrian and Russian governments to stop operations. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed that the United States is looking to additional sanctions while also accusing Russia of being involved in “crimes against humanity on a daily basis.”

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  • oaguilar

    Oh God, is this a joke?

    • Michael Miles

      No, it’s for real.

  • Michael Miles

    USA has no right saying “crimes against humanity” against Russia.
    What USA did in Iraq, Syria, Egypt are crimes against humanity.
    The biggest crime of all is the Federal Reserve Act.

  • Norbert Kausen

    The USA is pushing the world towards WW3… and NO one will win!!! Yes, the USA has been committing war crimes FAR worse than Russia ever had!!! The USA thinks it is the only Super-power and hence has the right to do as it pleases… the very characteristics of a bully… a GLOBAL bully! They seriously believe they will not be held accountable because they have the full support of the global elite!