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World War 3 News: Russia And China Preparing Space Weapons To Destroy US

World War 3 News: Russia And China Preparing Space Weapons To Destroy US
SpaceX’s Launch Complex 40 SpaceX / Flickr Public Domain


World War 3 News: Russia And China Preparing Space Weapons To Destroy US

China is making sure it has more guns and weapons ahead of the United States as it pushes for its space program. According to reports, China is now working with Russia to amp up its space program efforts, which could mark Beijing’s ascension to space superpower status in the first half of the 21st century. Could the next world war be set in space?

It has become a battle of sorts for China and the United States as the former tries to deepen space cooperation with Russia. Specifically, China is looking to build a Chinese Space station. The core module of the space station is expected to launch in 2018, while the station is expected to be finished and working by 2020.

Russia And China Are Preparing Space Weapons?

“Since the start of the Chinese manned space program, we launched more than 20 cooperation projects with the Russian space agency and achieved constructive results. In future, during construction of the space station we hope for deepening cooperation and exchanges with Russia in the sphere of choosing and training cosmonauts, conducting scientific experiments and others,” Sputnik quoted Wu Ping, deputy director of China’s manned space engineering office.

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“When implementing a program of constructing a space station, we hope to engage in expanded cooperation and exchanges with Russia in choosing and training cosmonauts, carrying out scientific experiments, in technological spheres and other spheres,” Russia Beyond the Headlines also quoted the official who responded to a TASS question.

Likewise, another report from NBC confirms that Beijing is allotting money to fuel the nation’s ambitions including to become the first to explore the dark side of the moon. China has plans to send a probe to mars around 2020. This will serve as a direct challenge to European and U.S. space agencies.

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