World War 3 News: Russia and China To Declare Space War Against US as Obama Gets More Enemies

World War 3 News: Russia and China To Declare Space War Against US as Obama Gets More Enemies
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Russia and China are fast tracking their space war capabilities in order to take the United States down, according to a nominee to lead the U.S. Strategic Command. Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten warned that the United States could be behind the two nations in terms of capabilities which could be a cause of concern now that some believe a new world war is about to unfold. Will the US be defeated by Russia and China?


The official emphasized that the United States continues to lack the abilities to counter the threats from the two nations.

Speaking before the Congress, Hyten emphasized that Beijing and Mocow have been developing anti-satellite missiles and laser guns.

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Furthermore, the two countries have reportedly been maneuvering killer space robots that can take down the strategic U.S. communications, navigation and intelligence satellites. This is extremely crucial because such make up the backbone of American high-technology warfare.

Russia and China To Declare Space War Against US

“The Department of Defense has aggressively moved out to develop responses to the threats that we see coming from China and Russia,” Washington Times quoted the four-star general who was chosen to be the next Stratcom commander.

“I believe it’s essential that we go faster in our responses.” He also noted that Chinese and Russian space weapons could be considered an “emerging threat.” He also added that the Pentagon is working on stepping up its efforts to counter the threat.Another report from Sputnik claims that Tom McGregor, Commentator and Editor at CNTV, believes that China and Russia will not settling into appeasing Western elites in order to give up their sovereignty and independence. Both countries are seeing better future for themselves which could also mean they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure they have the power. This emphasizes how pragmatic the United States should be in its approach.

Hillary To Go All Out?

However, he also warned the Hillary Clinton could also do what it takes to ensure that China will not rise to power. “US President Barack Obama sees himself as the most powerful leader in the world. Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party nominee for President, hopes that if elected to the White House, she can retain prominence as the world’s most powerful leader. If China continues to rise in global economic and diplomatic influence that would mean Beijing could eclipse Washington as the world’s power base. The Washington Establishment, elites and Hillary Clinton want the USA to rule the world and let no one else gain ascendancy. If that means Hillary has to destroy the US economy to inflict harm on China’s economy, Hillary would not hesitate to do so,” McGregor  said.

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