World War 3 News: Putin Wants World At War; Is It Ideal To Discourage Him?

World War 3 News: Putin Wants World At War; Is It Ideal To Discourage Him?
Vladimir Putin Russian Presidential Press and Information Office / Wikimedia Commons cc

It is common knowledge by now that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be on a quest to dominate the world one way or another. NATO and the U.S. made it clear that they plan to stop Russian aggression, but experts argue that the situation will ultimately depend on the calculations of Russia. Will Russia tip the world balance?


Putin Wants the World to Be at War

Russia is tipping the balance in Ukraine as its forces continue to mass up near the region. Despite opposition and concerns, Moscow made it clear that it will be making a move on Ukraine regardless. Its troops will reportedly conduct a series of military exercises near the region, but some experts and Western officials believe Russia could only use these drills to mask an attack.

“But, at a time that should otherwise be a moment of national celebration, a serious crisis with Moscow is flaring up. So serious, in fact, that on Tuesday the Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande were forced to hold a three-way phone call to try to de-escalate the situation,” the Independent said in its report about the situation in Ukraine.

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The rise of conflict stems back to Russia’s accusations after the Kiev tried an armed incursion into Crimea. The death of three Ukraine soldiers did not help the situation. While diplomatic efforts are ramping up, the report argues the crisis is just on the brink of becoming out of control.

Deterring Putin is Better

Another report from Newsweek claims that American and European leaders should understand that the key to solving the situation is to deter Russia than go to war.

“Bolstering NATO, improving intelligence and strategic information operations, putting a credible deterrent in Eastern Europe and supporting Ukraine’s security and independence, is a realistic program that Washington, Berlin and Brussels can and should get behind,” the report said.

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  • bob

    Russia will not stop bullying it’s neighbours until there is enough deterrent to thwart its desires-& that will only happen when NATO is strong enough at Russia’s borders.That is why Russia has steadfastly been against NATO expansion right from Gorbachov,to Yelshin & now putinski-it need it’s neighbours to be weak & compliant so their Klepto’s can do their thing-bloodsuck & pillage their neighbour’s-give them their way & they will take..take & more take-it will not stop until it is stopped-it can only change when NATO says enough is enough & Europe is made full & wholesome & Russia lives within it’s borders!

    • Doom Sternz

      The Maidan demonstrations in early 2014, which led to the overthrow of the legally elected Ukrainian government witnessed an estimated 15,000 people marching in celebration of Stepan Bandera’s 105th birthday. The neo-Nazi Svoboda Party along with the Fatherland Party of Yulia Tymoshenko both supported this commemoration of the former Nazi ally and war criminal. In the late 1930s Stepan Bandera became the leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) was the name of the Ukrainian partisan paramilitary force that arose from the OUN and fought Soviet armies in the 1940s. During World War II the OUN worked with the German occupation and participated in the massacre of Jews, Poles, and Russians.

      • bob

        to u & idiots like u who have been brainwashed by muscovites can rant & rave about this crap forever & a day but in the end of the day,yannik…was a putinski stooge,corrupt & treacherous who was voted in by a corrupt yannik….regions party that funded his evil intent with a black ledger kept by his region party who paid off an american criminal to help Yannik ,an ex criminal,to take power in kiev & make a back flip on his election promise to the people to take them to EU-yannik…joins the ranks of the marcos’s ,rouseff’s,nixon’s & others who commititted treason-as to murderers take a look at moscow who murdered the romanov entire family for no reason,countless millions in stalinist purges & now continuing with litvienko,nemtsov & others-live in the past idiot-i’m more interested in the present & future & moscow has no future so don’t despair-the west will have food for those russki’s trying to get out of hell in russia-as to your putinski his destiny is hell,like his mate gaddaffi ,saddam & bin laden!

        • Doom Sternz

          Accusing people of being a Muscovite because they post truthful information is fascist. Its an attempt to create an alibi for massive criminal actions by the American government.

          • bob

            russian’s are filthy liars-they are taught to lie before they can walk & they believe any shit thrown at them by the kremlin propoganda machinery-just look at the crap sputnick & RT throw around-it would even make goebells turn in his grave-go away idiot-i have no time to waste with brainwashed idiots like u-go find putinski a boy friend-he might sober up!

    • Stefan Wacker

      lmfao bob you are obviously a fucking retard

      • bob

        your name speaks for itself-not only is your name wacker but u are a “”wacker””-go hide in a corner & do your thing-take Doom with u & wack each other brainless heads!

    • I assume that billy bob is an ameriKKKan inbred. If you want to talk about bullying, blackmail and bribery…look no further than your own country. Russia bullies NO ONE and you are a LIAR.

      You yourself brought up NATO expansion. NATO has gobbled up most all countries right up to Russia’s borders. Who is the imperialist aggressor?

      Who is sponsoring terrorists in the Middle East?
      Who is sponsoring Nazis and fascists in Europe (the former Ukraine)?
      Who has hundreds of military bases all over the world?
      Who more than 70 years after the war, is still an occupying power?

      Certainly NOT RUSSIA.

      It is time for united snakes to go HOME and stop its quest for global domination and looking for states that don’t obey to overthrow their governments and bomb them.

  • Doom Sternz

    You live in a world all of your own where up is down and black is white.

  • This author is an idiot. He keeps talking about Russian troops in THE REGION.

    Do you want to know exactly what REGION he is referring to? RUSSIAN TERRITORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    Lying like most western presstitutes serving the war machine of the Pentagon, that is who this author is.

  • Wizard of Langley

    Dude give this shit a break. Seriously dude. This shit is getting old. Find somethinging else to blog about

  • Bryan See

    I think it’s better for people, including Russians living outside their own country to discourage him, given that Putin is not only a criminal, whose “United Russia” is, as Ilya Yashin has founded out last month, a criminal Russian party, but also the world’s first nuclear terrorist who seeks to reassert his Russian imperialism and ultra-nationalism, while spreading corruption and criminality across the world.

    The fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be on a quest to dominate the world one way or another is alarming because if he succeeds, he will do the following things:

    1. dismantle and modify all of the world’s institutions beyond any single recognition, which includes renaming all things (our human race, our planet Earth, our Sun and our Solar System) as “Putin”. The end result is everything will be unrecognizable;
    2. encourage lawlessness, human rights abuses, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, criminality and corruption by using gangsters, criminals and terrorists as instruments of policy for the Kremlin; viewing any attempts of exposing criminality and corruption as “lies” and a “criminal attempt”;
    3. purge all languages foreign to him to ensure the Russian language is the only official language of the world;
    4. deny all forms of human progress and create a world full of lies, violence, obscurantism and imperial hysteria to create an illusion of a paradise under the future manifestation of Communism, which is actually a perpetually stopped clock, with the interests of a corrupt syndicate at the core which is Putin and the Kremlin themselves; and
    5. ensuring his eternal preservation of personal power and money at no costs, while keeping on extending his life (and retaining superhuman abilities) through medical progress he counts on.

    The question is: Are we ready for a Russian world ruled by eternal criminals? Are we ready for a criminal, neo-totalitarian future society where we’re beaten for simply exposing the government’s crimes, human rights abuses and corruption?

    In other words, Putin wants the entire human race not to leave Earth before starting a war by invading Ukraine under his Russian hegemony, which threatened peace and stability with his actions. That’s what Elon Musk is warning all the while. War, religious extremism and anti-science and anti-technology movements (likely coming from Putin’s friend Donald Trump) will stop any manned mission to Mars and beyond.

    Putin has support from many people, including BatteryIncluded of Wikipedia, and forcedmemefred of Know Your Meme, both of whom recognizes Crimea as part of Russia and NATO as “obsolete”.