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World War 3 News: China And Russia To Shoot Down US Missiles, Duterte Betrays Obama?

World War 3 News: China And Russia To Shoot Down US Missiles, Duterte Betrays Obama?
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World War 3 News: China And Russia To Shoot Down US Missiles, Duterte Betrays Obama?

China and Russia are teaming up against the United States to prevent it from expanding its military assets. The two superpowers are now working together to put an end to America’s plans as the Philippines has also started making headlines thanks to a possible brooding alliance with the two nations and purportedly against the United States.

The gap among the West, Russia and China is widening by the day as the two countries voiced out their concerns in opposition against America. Top military officials from Moscow and Beijing spoke at the 7th annual Xiangshan regional defense forum in China.

The officials noted that the plans of Seoul and Washington to place missiles on South Korea’s grounds represented a threat to the regional stability. Likewise, the decision could also prompt a new global arms race.

China And Russia To Shoot Down US Missiles

Chinese general Cai Jun also spoke to defense officials that America is using North Korea’s actions as a reason to push and achieve military superiority on China. The official also said that the South Korea deployment “not conducive to the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula”, he said, adding “it has increased the risk of military conflict in the region.”

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“We are concerned about the attempts of certain nations to exploit the complex situation in the Korean peninsula,” Yahoo quoted Cai. He also noted that “pumping this sub-region with clearly excessive defense capabilities.” Likewise, the plan has “aggravated regional tension” and “adds problems to solving the situation.”

Duterte Betrays Obama?

Another report from CBS claims the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is taking this anti-US rhetoric to a new level. On Wednesday, the official he said that he wanted to conclude the military drills with the Americans at the same time that the administration announced a diplomatic tie-strengthening trip to China.

“I insist that we realign, that there will be no more exercises next year, ‘Do not prepare,’ I told Defense Secretary Lorenzana,” CBS quoted Duterte.

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