World War 3: NATO Attacks Putin, Blood Red Russian River A Bad Omen?

World War 3: NATO Attacks Putin, Blood Red Russian River A Bad Omen?
Jens Stoltenberg Policy Networks (user:Flickr) / Wikimedia cc

Tension between NATO and Russia has never been this high, and it seems the alliance is keen on pushing Russia further to the brink of war. Russia made it clear previously that it wasn’t out to fight a war, but its recent actions sounded alarms. NATO warned that it will do what it takes to stop Russia. Will Vladimir Putin succeed?


NATO Attacks Putin

Western leaders have warned about Putin’s ambitions. Recently, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg clarified that the alliance’s deployment of battalions in the Baltic States and Poland was in response to Russia’s military operations and aspirations. Stoltenberg spoke at an international conference “Changes in the European Landscape after the Warsaw Summit” in Tbilisi.

“We have seen an increased Russian presence in the Black Sea region and we have also seen a substantial military build-up in Crimea by Russia. NATO has decided to increase our presence in the Black Sea. We will further step up our presence in the region and also in the Black Sea itself.

“We are working on that with our military planners now to decide exactly how that is going to take place,” Pravda quoted the official.

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Stoltenberg added that he sees the reason Georgia expressed becoming part of NATO. He said that Georgia is a small country beside a large nation.

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Russian River Turns Red with Blood an Omen for War?

As if nature is sensing the impending war, the Daily Star reports a river turning blood red, which many connect as an omen of war.

According to the report, the incident happened in a remote waterway near Norilsk, Russia. Nobody has any clue what happened. Locals have started referring to it as the “river of blood,” with some saying it could be an omen for war.

Others, however, think and worry that it is due to a massive industrial accident at a nearby metal plant. Evgeny Belikov, a former factory worker, shared that a similar incident happened on a reservoir on-site known as “The Red Sea.”

“In winter, the snow’s also red. On the one hand, it’s beautiful, but on the other it’s chemical,” he said.

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