The World Celebrates Valentine’s, So Why Won’t Dairy Queen?

The World Celebrates Valentine’s, So Why Won’t Dairy Queen?
Photo Credit: JeepersMedia via Compfight cc
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If you’re still feeling bad about being single on Valentine’s Day, Dairy Queen wants to stop feeling sorry for yourself. After all, being single can be fun, even sweet.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Dairy Queen has come out with the Singles Blizzard treat. It’s decadent. It’s full of chocolate. And it’s “perfect for one.” This new blizzard treat is a celebration of being single. It’s something that lets you know you can still enjoy Valentine’s all by yourself. After all, who needs a date when you can sit down to a cold treat that has chocolate ice cream mixed with all sorts of decadent sweets: Salted Caramel Truffles, Reese Peanut Butter Cups, rich cocoa fudge and peanut butter? And don’t worry, you can have as much of it as you like since the Singles Blizzard treat comes in mini, small, medium and large.

Come to think of it, Dairy Queen might end up serving more Singles Blizzard treats this Valentine’s Day than they ever expected to. Law firm first4lawyers said it is likely that there are more people who are single this Sunday since they saw an average of 33,580 users looking up “divorce” on the internet last month National Divorce Day was celebrated last January 4.

Meanwhile, a study they conducted also revealed that while 35 percent of those who are single are jealous of friends who are in a relationship, 34 percent of those already in a relationship would rather be single on Valentine’s Day. Moreover, 66 percent of single people are thinking of staying home on Valentine’s with a movie and a good meal.

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On the other hand, recent research from Open Table reveals that there are more singles who are actually looking forward to go out on their own for Valentine’s. Forty-two percent of singles in America are, in fact, planning to have a nice meal at a restaurant on Sunday.

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