‘Wonder Woman’ 2017 New Photo Out: Ben Affleck To Grace Gal Gadot Movie As Bruce Wayne Cameo?

‘Wonder Woman’ 2017 New Photo Out: Ben Affleck To Grace Gal Gadot Movie As Bruce Wayne Cameo?

There’s a new set photo from “Wonder Woman’ featuring Gal Gadot herself. What makes the photo extra exciting however is that it showed her connections to Bruce Wayne and implied the possibility that very busy actor Ben Affleck will make time for her movie by doing a cameo of Batman.


The new set photo of the “Wonder Woman” shows Gal Gadot headed towards Gotham, reports Batman News. The actress was photographed while she was filming in Paris this Tuesday for the film.

Other than Gal Gadot, there is a truck in that photo with a Wayne Enterprises logo on it. Wait, what is a Wayne Enterprises truck doing outside a museum? Should we understand Wonder Woman is possibly visiting her friend Bruce Wayne aka Batman?

One interesting tidbit about this film is that Gotham is set in Paris, and not Chicago, which was where Gotham was set in Dawn of Justice. This can just mean Gotham has several offices around the world, considering how big of a company this is.

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The more pressing question raised by the photo is whether Ben Affleck will appear on the “Wonder Woman” movie. Will there be a cameo from him or will another actor take up the role of Bruce Wayne?

Ben Affleck is currently busy with the solo “Batman” movie being planned out. In a recent episode of the Heroic Insider, POPBOOM people reported that the actor has a lot of control over the movie. In fact, he and DC Chief Creative Officer will be the only ones running the show! “From what I’m hearing, according to sources, Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns have complete creative control on the movie. Which is big. Meaning that they are going to be calling all of the creative shots. They’re not going to have any outside influences,” the source said.

We can all just wait and see then if Affleck makes time for this Gal Gadot film. “Wonder Woman” is scheduled to hit the theaters in June 2017. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates.

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  • Guy Dudebreaux

    Doesn’t make sense since the Wonder Woman movie takes place in 1918.