Wonder Woman Fought Task Force X Slipknot Pre Suicide Squad?

Wonder Woman Fought Task Force X Slipknot Pre Suicide Squad?
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In the “Suicide Squad” movie, the audience got a glimpse of how all the Supervillians were caught A.R.G.U.S. but the Task Force X got a late joinee to the team as Adam Beach’s Slipknot made a grand entrance.


While Slipknot’s first appearance in the movie seems hilarious as the supervillain punches a woman in the face, fans are still puzzled over how a man of his talent was captured by A.R.G.U.S.

Finally, we have the answer.

Recently, Empire Magazine News Editor Nick de Semiyen sent out a tweet to his followers and revealed a new detail about Slipknot, as explained by actor Adam Beach himself from the Suicide Squad set.

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The image in the tweet reveals the following, “David asked me, “So they kidnapped and caught you- what were you doing” I said, “Man, I was Strangling Wonder Woman.” What else was I doing? He started laughing.”

It could be possible that Adam Beach made a sarcastic comment to Empire Magazine. Moreover, the chances of Slipknot going up against Wonder Woman and surviving a fight against her are quite slim.

Wonder Woman also just revealed herself in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Unless Slipknot’s capture occurred post B v S, there’s no possibility of an encounter for both fictional characters.

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In Suicide Squad movie, *SPOILER ALERT* Adam Beach’s Slipknot has an early death as the supervillian is baited for an escape by Boomerang. However, he wasn’t the only supervillain to die in the film.

Suicide Squad was publicly released world-wide on August 5th. Although the movie was bashed by film critics during early screening, fans have embraced Director David Ayer’s depiction of the DCEU title and have been rejoicing its success all over social media.

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