‘Wonder Woman’ 2017 Early Review: ‘World War I’ Plot ‘Breathtaking!’

‘Wonder Woman’ 2017  Early Review: ‘World War I’ Plot ‘Breathtaking!’
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After Suicide Squad, “Wonder Woman” was considered to be the last ray of hope for a DCEU title to appeal to the critics. However, its chances were lowered when an open letter alleged that the female stand alone film was a “another mess” by Warner Bros.


Currently, the authenticity of the open letter is being questioned by director Patty Jenkins and the rest of DC community. Fortunately, there have been positive reports as well. One users on twitter suggested the movie would be a success according to his inside sources. Check out the tweet below.

Since then, fans have again been divided on Wonder Woman. There have also been debates on social media that the movie’s teaser trailer is hyping more than it could appeal to the audience on its initial release.

As fans remain vary about the upcoming DC film, Comic Book Writer Kevin Smith recently shared his views on the movie judging the teaser trailer. While talking to Canoe, the filmmaker said,

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“I heard World War I; I’m like, ‘World War I? No, man, World War II. Go after Hitler, motherfucker.’ Then they show us a trailer of World War I, and suddenly you get the distinct impression they know what they’re doing. Suddenly, they’ve got a shot of no man’s land. The literal no man’s land. Dude’s covered in head to toe soldiers and a woman, bare legs, climbing a ladder and holding a shield against artillery fire. It was absolutely breathtaking. It made me, for maybe the eighth time this month, go, ‘God, I wish I was a woman.’”

Earlier, Kevin Smith did reveal his disappointment as Wonder Woman movie was set in the time of World War I. However, the filmmaker currently seems to be in all support for Patty Jenkins movie.

“Wonder Woman” movie will be releasing on June 2nd, 2017.  Currently, actress Gal Gadot playing as Princess Diana is busy portraying her fictional character for Justice League movie under direction by Zack Snyder.

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  • Mikey Tauber

    wow what a misleading title for an article.

    The title suggests the the plot of wonder woman will be breathtaking.

    Instead the article states the scenes he saw, meaning the VISUALS were breathtaking.

    We already know the DCEU has been making amazing visuals and cool looking scenes, however all the plots and storytelling have been horrendous.

    What I took out of this article is that this new Wonder Woman movie will be more of the same for the DCEU

    • poopmannelson1

      they’ve been no more “horrendous” than anything marvel has done recently.