‘Wolverine 3′ To Beat ‘Deadpool’ Box Office Record, Film To Be R-Rated?

‘Wolverine 3′ To Beat ‘Deadpool’ Box Office Record, Film To Be R-Rated?
Wolverine 3 via Facebook

“Deadpool” may have paved the way for incoming Marvel Comics films to release in theaters soon. In fact, it was reported that 20th Century Fox allegedly plans to make “Wolverine 3” an R-rated film since Deadpool made it big at the box office this week.


Just this week, the Hasbro Toy Fair happened and several figurines, especially those from the upcoming movie “Captain America: Civil War” stole the show with updated costumes of the characters. However, it was not the only highlight of the event.

As reported by Cinema Blend, a fan posted a capture of “Wolverine 3’s” poster which hints that the upcoming film could also be labeled as an R-rated film. The revelation also manifested that the third installment to the Wolverine franchise would be Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the character.

The speculations that claim “Wolverine 3” may be R-rated was said to be inspired by “Deadpool’s” success in the box office charts. Just yesterday, the movie broke “The Matrix: Reloaded’s” long-lasting record as the top grossing R-rated film during opening. At present, “Deadpool” has said to have earned a whopping $150 million – a new record.

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In other news, Coming Soon also reports that the Wolverine franchise did try to land an R-rated cut for its second movie. In fact, it was regarded as the most explicit of all mutant movies released. However, this perception changed when “Deadpool” was clearly more profane.

Other spoilers for the “Wolverine 3” film comprised of Patrick Stewart claiming that he will not just be appearing in the movie but will also play a significant role. Unfortunately, not much has been given away by 20th Century Fox.

“Wolverine 3” will release in theaters on March 3 next year and will be written by David James Kelly and directed by James Mangold.