Windows 10 Update: Build 14393.3 Brings Bug Fixes, Improvements

Windows 10 Update: Build 14393.3 Brings Bug Fixes, Improvements
Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview okubax / Flickr cc

Microsoft has rolled out a Windows 10 update that was tagged as Build 14393.3, a patch carrying bug fixes and improvements for better use.


As most of their previous Windows operating systems, bugs and problems will always arise. With the latest Windows 10 update 14393.3, mobile and PC users can expect resolutions to various problems.

An example would be for the tablet users. Apparently there is a bug that was tied up with the keyboard. The problem included a rotation issue that affected the landscape profile. The patch has now addressed the problem.

Store Apps Bug Resolved Too

Aside from that, some Store Apps were resolved as well. Other problems included that of the Korean Input Method Editor (IME) and the proper program launching was fixed. Apparently some apps had issues when they synchronized through DDE through inter-processing communications.

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Better User Experience Moving Forward

Microsoft has been known to address problems well so the Windows 10 build 14393.3 is something that was to be expected. While the company has been known to make initially released operating systems as bug-free as possible, there will be overlooked problems.

Ideally, those crop up when end-users come into play. The problems will vary and mostly depend on usage. This is one reason why Microsoft has kept the lines open, listening to users so that they can be made aware of bugs that occur.

The two-way communication has been working well with Microsoft and hopefully such will place the Windows 10 near perfection. Through the years, the company has done its best to serve its users and the updates are the best route to achieve such.

The Windows 10 update, 14393.3 build, is the first regular update that was released last Friday. No new features were noted and it mostly covered the bug fixes. With the release of the Windows 10 Preview build 14393, it seems to be the the apparent Anniversary Update RTM.

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