Windows 10 Mobile Update Not Coming To All Compatible Windows 8.1 Devices?

Windows 10 Mobile Update Not Coming To All Compatible Windows 8.1 Devices?

Microsoft has already failed to keep its Windows 10 mobile update rollout promises, from postponing the update month after month, to missing the upgrades of the said devices at all. What is the problem with the software update for old Microsoft Lumia running on Windows 8.1 devices?


It is true that old Microsoft Lumia devices were not manufactured to support Windows 10. The hardware used to make old models of Lumia phones, or even Android phones, are different. As you know, technology is moving fast these days. Software and devices launched today become outdated tomorrow.

Take Android Marshmallow for example. The mobile operating system has not even properly rolled out on compatible devices, yet Android N is already in the news and people are actually looking forward to it. Is this the reason why Microsoft is skipping some of the Windows 8.1 devices even after declaring them compatible?

According a report published by The Verge, “handsets like the Lumia 920 and Lumia 1020 will be stuck on Windows Phone 8,” even after the company promised that the operating system will hit all the Microsoft Lumia devices running Windows 8.1.

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In the same report, The Verge also mentioned that along with the old Microsoft Lumia models, Lumia Icon and Blu’s Win JR LTE will also be ditched. The company has also updated its page where devices compatible with Windows 10 are listed. Win JR LTE is not on the list anymore.

“Microsoft says the Lumia Icon might still get upgraded, but that there’s no second wave of Windows 10 Mobile upgrades for other devices. That means Blu’s Win JR LTE is definitely off the list. You might not have heard of the Win JR LTE, but it’s a handset that Microsoft has been promoting as a compatible Windows 10 device,” said the report further. Let’s see what happens when Microsoft Lumia users actually start using Windows 10 on their old phones running Windows 8.1.

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