Windows 10 Mobile Release Not Rolling Out Till February, Informs Microsoft

Windows 10 Mobile Release Not Rolling Out Till February, Informs Microsoft
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Are you among those eagerly waiting for the Windows 10 mobile release? If yes, you are up for disappointment. The Windows 10 mobile update was set to release in January, but now, Microsoft has confirmed that the rollout of update has been postponed again. This is not the first time Microsoft has pushed the update forward than the scheduled date.


Not just the Windows 10 mobile release, but also the monthly service update for Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 phones, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Microsoft informed the media about these decisions via an email. It is not clear which of the publications received the email but VentureBeat was the first one to report the news.

While describing the email, VentureBeat in its report wrote, “According to the email, which uses a lot of buzzy language to convey the message ‘not ready yet,’ both the service update and legacy handset upgrade will now occur in early to mid-February. Microsoft will not be rushed; the situation currently appears to be quite fluid, and this software is only going to hit devices when it’s deemed fully ready.”

The “not ready yet” excuse is a bit difficult to digest. When a company like Microsoft announces a product or an update, it will never announce such without the product or update being completely ready for release. We can believe the company for once, but repeatedly?

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Let’s agree that Microsoft is working on too many things right now. But Microsoft having “too much work” cannot be a reason for not delivering updates on the scheduled time. Can Surface Phones be the reason why Microsoft is delaying the Windows 10 mobile update? Or is Microsoft working on new features for a Windows 10 mobile release?

Anyways, all we can do is wait for the Windows 10 mobile release for us to comment on what is going wrong here.

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  • Benito Juanitez

    w10 mobile is not that fast and has bugs, thats why Microsoft is taking his time, but yes, is unfair waiting so much.