Microsoft Says Windows 10 Is Now Active Across 200 Million Devices

Microsoft Says Windows 10 Is Now Active Across 200 Million Devices
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It’s starting out to be a remarkable year for Microsoft and specifically, Windows 10.


For the Microsoft team, the response to Windows 10 has, so far, been quite “incredible.” In fact, the new operating system is now active across more than 200 million devices throughout the world each month. Moreover, surge in active devices utilizing Windows 10 actually happened around Black Friday when Microsoft saw over 40 percent of new Windows 10 devices becoming active. Because of this and the ongoing trend, the Microsoft team believes that its latest operating system can outpace Windows 7 by almost 140 percent and the Windows 8 by almost 400 percent.

More and more customers are also showing they prefer Windows 10. Since Black Friday, the US retail PC share for Windows 10 had also gone up by 16 points to 62 percent, compared to last four weeks. Meanwhile, preference for Windows 10 mix of PCs also went up to 87 percent during the holiday season from 58 percent. Aside from retail, Windows 10 is also experiencing growth in the enterprise and education market. In fact, over 76 percent of Microsoft enterprise customers are now utilizing active pilots of Windows 10. And altogether, there are more than 22 million devices used by Microsoft enterprise and education customers that are already running on Windows 10.

As more and more customers switch to Windows 10, Microsoft remains focused on one goal: to make this new operating system active across over one billion devices. For now, the company can celebrate the fact that last December, various customers spent more than 11 billion hours browsing around Windows 10.

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