Windows 10 Desktop Updates Flawed? Kills Start Menu and Cortana

Windows 10 Desktop Updates Flawed? Kills Start Menu and Cortana
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Just three days back, I reported about how I encountered Windows 10 problem firsthand. All of a sudden, my Cortana stopped working. Slowly, all the apps on the taskbar stopped working – the volume button, the calendar, notifications, almost everything. When I tried looking for a solution by researching on the internet, the answers I found on the forums did not help me. Then after trying to manually install Windows 10 desktop updates, I suddenly was given an option to update and shut down.


When I manually tried to download Windows 10 desktop updates, the downloading failed. “Update and Shut” finally worked. Even though “Automatic” installation option is on, I have to update the system manually. After the update, Cortana and taskbar were back to normal. Just while I was about to shut down my laptop today, I realized my Start Menu is not working. I then checked Cortana, the digital assistant was working fine this time.

I did what I did last time – checked for pending updates. I then installed the updates lying under Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update. After installing latest Windows 10 desktop updates, apps on the taskbar crashed. I got a message to reinstall Skype as the app had all of a sudden stopped working. Chrome browser looked like a browser from some other era. The address bar and the font size had changed. I had no other option but to force restart the laptop. At the restart page where you are asked to enter Microsoft password, you get an option to shut down your machine. After force shut down and restarting the machine three times, the Start Menu started working. All the apps on the taskbar were also back to normal.

I finally took to Twitter and asked the official Windows page about the issue. The solution given to me was to run a clean boot. Luckily, this time of manually updating the system and restarting my machine several times fixed issue. Next time, I encounter the same problem, I will try the suggested solution. The cause of the problem is still unknown.

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  • Whoflung Ding

    Admittedly I
    work in IT and updating desktops and servers are part of my job but just to let
    you know I have updated 170 computers that included desktops, laptops and
    tablets with only one failure (HP laptop) about 7years old. What I did find in
    is the huge variation in the time it can take first to download and then to
    upgrade is some cases the best part of a full day but never the less they would

    On top of that I have had quite a few people bring me crashed systems which almost all after
    speaking to them came about because of impatience.

    Some pointers that I thought might be useful to anyone reading this.

    Firstly Laptops
    ensure you always have the power lead in and switched on then go into
    power settings and change display sleep and hibernation to never and
    the same with PC if you have set to power saver.

    Secondly once
    the upgrade has started go and make yourself breakfast and be prepared to have
    dinner and tea or even go do your shopping but what ever you do don’t jump in
    and think it as crashed or stalled if the screen is blank just move the mouse
    and see if anything pops up but also look at the hardrive activity light the
    worst thing you can do is try hard rebooting or removing the power to it just
    be patient I do not exaggerate when I say it can take a long time