Windows 10 For Business PCs: Reminders To Download Free Windows 10 Are Coming

Windows 10 For Business PCs: Reminders To Download Free Windows 10 Are Coming
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Using Windows 10 on your home PC? If yes, you must be familiar with constant notifications Microsoft sends to annoy you. These notifications are nothing but reminders to install free Windows 10. Earlier, Microsoft did not bug entrepreneurs by asking them to download Windows 10 for business PCs. But now, the company has changed its stance.


We know how desperate Microsoft is against systems still running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The company is constantly coming up with strategies to convince users to switch to Windows 10. And “Windows 10 for Business” is the brand’s new target.

Making the announcement, Microsoft said, “Like consumers, small businesses and organizations will soon be able to receive notifications about the upgrade and then directly upgrade to Windows 10 through an easy-to-use interface right from the system tray on their Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8.1 Pro PC.” The company wants us to believe that this step has been taken “because of ongoing customer requests from many small businesses and other small organizations to easily take advantage of the free upgrade.”

Microsoft will probably annoy users by sending reminders to download Windows 10 for business PC’s. Not to forget that the company will be pushing reminders only to small businesses. Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 enterprises have been spared.

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So if you are using Windows 10 for a business PC, this is good news for you. But if you are happy with your old operating system, be ready to give it up, because Microsoft will either request you to or forcefully upgrade your machine for sure.

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