Wimbledon 2016 Women’s Final: Serena Williams Equals Steffi Graf’s Grand Slam Record!

Wimbledon 2016 Women’s Final: Serena Williams Equals Steffi Graf’s Grand Slam Record!
Serena Williams Aleksandr Osipov / Flickr cc

Serena Williams just made history by winning the most Grand Slam Single titles held by a woman, equaling that of Steffi Graf’s.


Everyone could see it in Serena’s eyes as she walked into the court with her opponent Angelique Kerber, who, ironically, is from the same country that Steffi Graf originates from. The hunger and focus were apparent in Serena’s demeanor, as she could not even hold still for the pre-game snaps.

It was Kerber’s first Wimbledon Final and she was facing someone who had already won the title 6 times before. However, Kerber was pretty familiar with Williams’ technique by now since she had faced off against her 7 times in the past and only managing to defeat her twice.

Serena Williams vs Angelique Kerber

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It really came down to who kept their cool and battled it out to the end as both showed signs of weakness and excellence in the first set. Even though she found it hard to keep up with Serena’s technique (especially the “Serena Smash” and Aces), Angelique was not ready to give up, reports BBC.

Just when Serena seemed to be showing a hint of nerves with a few shots going long, she amped up her footwork to barely snatch the first set 7-5 from Kerber. The roar of celebration from Serena said it all, as she geared herself up to not repeat the same mistakes in the second set, reported the Daily Mail.

Celebrities At Wimbledon 2016

Celebrities such as Beyonce and Jay Z looked on from the VIP seats at the nail-biting game that unfolded next. Serena could almost taste the victory after the set entered 5-3 and it was Kerber’s turn to serve. After showering 3 lightning-fast aces that Kerber had no clue how to counter, Serena went down on the court in tears of joy. Final score – 7-5 6-3.

She had made it! The crowd erupted in cheers and chants as Serena became the second woman to have 22 Grand Slam titles to her name after Steffi Graf!

People will now be looking to US Open 2016 when Serena will have the chance to beat Steffi Graf’s record, and prove that she is the best there ever was!

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