Willow Martin: Photos Of 19-year-old Charged With Arson

Willow Martin: Photos Of 19-year-old Charged With Arson
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A 19-year-old who allegedly started a fire that destroyed two Prospect businesses in September last year has been arrested by the state police.


On September 15, 2015, a structure on Waterbury Road destroyed the Golden Wok Chinese restaurant and MTM Masonry Inc. and Chimney. An investigation into the matter revealed the fire had been intentionally set.

According to a 2015 report from NBC News, Prospect Mayor Robert Chatfield said, “Smoke was coming out the front door. Seconds upon my arrival, fire blew out of the building because the windows were breaking.” It took firefighters from Waterbury, Cheshire and Bethany an hour to contain the fire and bring it under control.

There was no one in the restaurant or the attached business at the time of the incident, nor had any injuries been reported.

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The owner of MTM Masonry found a potato when he went to the site of the incident. The vegetable was handed to the investigators, who sent it to the state lab for potential DNA sources. Matthew Garguilo of Enfield was arrested last week by the police for his involvement in the incident. However, on Thursday his girlfriend Willow Martin was arrested on two warrants, as reported by WFLA.

The affidavit reveals Martin and Breonna Constantino, stepdaughter of the owner of MTM Masonry, were close friends. Martin had lent some money to Constantino for clothes. However, the latter had not repaid Martin, who decided she would set fire to the business of Constantino’s father.

A former boyfriend of Martin told the police she told him that she and Garguilo went into the business through a window with a can of gas and poured it all over. While the former boyfriend told the police Martin told him something about potatoes, he could not remember exactly what she said.

Martin is facing charges of conspiracy to commit arson and conspiracy to commit burglary.

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