iPhone 8 Rumors: Samsung To Supply Apple Inc. With OLED Display

iPhone 8 Rumors: Samsung To Supply Apple Inc. With OLED Display
Apple’s headquarters at Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California, USA Joe Ravi / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

Are two tech giants going from rivals to strategic partners? Reports say that Apple and Samsung may have a contract in the works that will see Samsung supplying Apple with Flexible OLEDs (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) for the iPhone 8.


According to Korean IT news site etnews, the potential partnership between the two companies is practically a done deal. In fact, there are also reports speculating that Samsung will invest as much has $7.47 billion in its equipment and plant to supply Apple. The company and creator of the iPhone looks to replace its LTPS (Low-Temperature Poly-Silicon) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to Flexible OLED. Samsung Display is expected to invest around $2.49 billion to $3.32 billion this year. Meanwhile, orders from Apple can come in as early as the end of first quarter this year. 

If the contract goes through, Apple is reportedly looking to order between 30,000 to 45,000 sheets from Samsung per month. Meanwhile, Apple is expected to make an additional order of 45,000 sheets per month beginning 2017. Even without Apple’s order, Samsung Display has reportedly been looking at expanding its production by as much as 15,000 sheets per month due to more requirements from Galaxy smartphones and demands from Chinese manufacturers.

According to 9TO5Mac, OLED displays tend to be thinner and more power-efficient. They are also more capable of displaying more vivid colored imagery. Rumors have gone around saying Apple is running secret tests on OLED in a Taiwanese lab.

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  • Henry_3_Dogg

    Samsung’s current OLEDs may be bright and vivid, but the blue diodes still deteriorate noticeably within months and fail long within the life expectancy of iPhones.

    It is implausible that Apple would adopt them. If it wanted them it could have had them years ago.