Will Peyton Manning Ever Return?

Is Peyton Manning done? The question has dominated chatter among football fans across the nation, especially since the Denver Broncos’ epic win over the New England Patriots on Sunday.


Manning, 39, is recovering from a foot injury that forced him to miss the last two games. Having suffered a plantar fascia tear, the Broncos veteran is still in a walking cast and won’t be playing “anytime soon,” according to an ESPN insider.

The 9-2 Broncos are doing just fine without Manning, their future Hall of Famer quarterback. With Brock Osweiler starting over the last two games, Denver is playing its best football of the season.

Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak understands there are complications when an injured veteran is replaced by a young stud. “I listen, I guess. I listen to a lot of people. The No. 1 guy I’m talking to on a regular basis is Peyton. That’s the most important thing because it’s about his health and getting him back ready to go,” said Kubaik.

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New Star Rising: Brock Osweiler Is Here To Stay

What makes matters worse is that the only two losses suffered by Broncos this season featured Manning, while Osweiler’s entry into the starting unit has triggered a winning streak. How do the Broncos handle the situation? Kubiak expressed optimism about Manning’s future. “He’s been great. I think his frame of mind is really good because I think he has a good feeling now of this is what I needed to do. He understands the steps that he needs to go through.”

According to popular NFL Doctor, Jene Bramel, it’s impossible for Manning to return in a few weeks, as predicted by the franchise earlier this week. “A plantar fascia tear can be a tricky injury. The suggestion (that) Manning can return one-to-two weeks after shedding the boot is unlikely.”

Bramel predicted that Manning could return by Week 15. The Broncos face the Seattle Seahawks on December 21. “He’ll need time to rehab and recondition after the boot is removed. That’s likely a two-to-four week process. The Week 15 return estimate is possible, but Manning will need to be out of the boot this week and have a smooth rehab to follow.”

On Sunday, CBS Sports wrote that the Manning era could already be over, predicting that the Broncos’ switch to Osweiler could be permanent. Regardless of when the icon returns, the Broncos coaching staff would find it hard to accommodate both Manning and young Osweiler as the team begins its push for a Super Bowl run.

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