Will Miley Cyrus Let Weeds And Laziness Ruin Relationship With Liam Hemsworth?

Will Miley Cyrus Let Weeds And Laziness Ruin Relationship With Liam Hemsworth?
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Miley Cyrus has got to rethink her marijuana smoking habits if she seriously considers the rekindled relationship between her and Liam Hemsworth to be successful. Reportedly,  Cyrus, 23 and Hemsworth, 26 are currently having problems because of the former Disney star’s hygiene and drug use habit.


According to Life & Style (via Ace Showbiz), these bad habits currently stand between them and the marriage altar. Cyrus treats the Hidden Hills as a frat house, a source revealed. Dog poop and pee pile up on the floor and fast food wrappers, containers are pizza boxes nastily littered. Thus, the 26-year-old actor of “Hunger Games” has obvious reasons to leave Cyrus.

Moreover, although Cyrus has tried to keep all her wild ways in check, marijuana seems to be the only one habit that she is not willing to quit. This can ultimately break her and Hemsworth’s relationship because the actor reportedly already put his foot down on this matter.

It might not be clear to Cyrus yet how serious Hemsworth is about his disgust over her marijuana habits. Cyrus recently enjoyed 4/20, the unofficial holiday for Marijuana lovers. She took to her Instagram and posted a picture of her smoking weed and captioned it, “happy 4/20 [cat emoji]”

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Allegedly, these are the same reasons that pushed Hemsworth to deny their engagement. According to In Touch,  “Just as Miley and Liam were starting to plan their wedding, he had a change of heart.” The source even added, “He still wants to be with Miley, but isn’t sure about a lifelong commitment.

The gossip magazine added that Cyrus went ballistic when Hemsworth denied their engagement.  “She went ballistic, she accused him of humiliating her,” the source said. The source added that on Cyrus part, she does not see any flaw with Hemworth and “desperately” wants to settle down with him.

happy 4/20 🐸

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