Will Julian Castro Be Clinton’s Vice Presidential Pick?

Will Julian Castro Be Clinton’s Vice Presidential Pick?
Julina Castro Gage Skidmore / Flickr cc by-sa 2.0
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Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has wooed Latinos with the strong backing of Housing Secretary and Urban Development, Julian Castro. The former mayor of San Antonio endorsed Clinton at a Latinos For Hillary event held on Thursday.


There had been the long running rumors that Castro will be Clinton’s running mate. The words grew louder Thursday at the event. But when asked whether she would make Castro her vice presidential pick, Clinton sent mixed signals.

“I am going to really look hard at him for anything because that’s how good he is,” Clinton said as quoted by The Dallas Morning News. She had all the nicest words for Castro and for his twin, brother, Congressman Joaquin Castro. The former secretary of state said the brothers were both top notch.

“I think really highly of him. I am thrilled to have his endorsement today,” Clinton said of the housing secretary. She added that he and his twin brother are among the best young leaders in America.

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While both Clinton and Castro have yet to confirm possible a tandem, they are already being criticized for their partnership. Castro is described by Republican National Committee spokeswoman Ruth Guerra as another “ethically-challenged politician who is more concerned about self-promotion than governing.” She added that the young politician has no known record of accomplishments, has sketchy personal finances and has misused the taxpayer’s money. “Julian Castro’s endorsement will do nothing more than remind voters of Hillary’s similar record of scandals that have nearly toppled her campaign,” Guerra said as quoted by The Dallas Morning News.

In July, Castro dismissed the possibility of him running for the second most important seat in the White House. While he finds it flattering to be considered for the position, “there really is not anything to make of it,” Castro said according to a report from CNN. He explained further that the vice presidential seat is not something anybody can run for. “Nobody signs up for that. So I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing,” he said.


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