Will Joe Biden Run For President? Take A Hint!

Will Joe Biden Run For President? Take A Hint!
Joe Biden Marc Nozell / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Vice President Joe Biden was greeted with passionate cheers from the crowd as he joined the Labor Day parade in Pittsburgh. The crowd was shouting “Run, Joe, Run!”


Asked by CNN’s Brianna Keilar whether he was running for the 2016 US Elections, the vice president was teasing. “I am gonna run part of the parade,” Biden said.

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 reporter Bob Mayo prodded on: “Is that a declaration?” Biden replied: “I’m going to run part of the parade. If the truck moves, we’ll be able to catch up.” Mayo insist for a more exact answer, asking, “Does this make you want to jump in the race?” to which Biden replied, “This makes me feel like I’m home.”

The crowd was equally persistent with one woman shouting “give it a go Joe.” One man yelled out “Run for President!” Biden continued to answer in a jokingly manner, saying, “You’ve got to talk to my wife about that. I’ve got to talk to my wife about that.”

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A Pittsburgh local, Chris Fuget, who was among the cheering crowd, insisted for Biden to answer the question. “I haven’t made that decision yet,” Biden finally said.

Later in the day, when no official announcement was made, Pittsburgh union worker Jack Gaffrey said he was a bit disappointed. “We thought today might have been the day,” told CNN.

Another Pittsburgh resident, Keith Turner, said Biden should run. “Bernie Sanders is too liberal and as far as Hillary is concerned, she has too much baggage,” Turner told CNN.

Fox news boss Rupert Murdoch tweeted a prediction. “Looks like Biden already running. Very likely he wins nomination and be hard to beat,” Murdoch said.

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