Will Donald Trump Soon Find Himself Banned In The UK?

Will Donald Trump Soon Find Himself Banned In The UK?
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As the new year begins, British Parliament is preparing to debate if a certain Republican presidential candidate should still be allowed to enter the United Kingdom. It seems the people of Britain do not really appreciate comments made by Donald Trump against Muslims last year. Today, they are making their feelings known as they take a poll to vote for or against the said petition.


The petition to block Donald Trump from entering the UK is steadfastly gaining momentum, having already collected almost 600,000 signatures as of writing. The reason it’s possible to stop Trump from entering the UK is simple. The country has banned a lot of individuals from coming in due to hate speech in the past. And it seems making a hate speech qualifies as an unacceptable behavior in their book. Moreover, they also assert that the criteria must be imposed on anyone trying to enter the UK, regardless of whether they are rich, poor, weak or a presidential candidate.

While the British government says it “does not routinely comment on individual immigration and exclusion decisions,” it is not a secret that British Prime Minister David Cameron had remarked that he disagrees with Trump’s remarks with regard to Muslims. In addition, UK Home Secretary Theresa May has also referred to Trump’s Muslim comments as “divisive, unhelpful and wrong.” Moreover, it should also not be forgotten that the Home Secretary has the power to exclude a non-European Economic Area national from entering the UK if she considers his/her presence as “non-conducive to the public good.”

Meanwhile, a petition urging for the outspoken Trump to not be banned from the UK has managed to gather a mere 40,000 signatures. The Parliament is set to debate on this matter on January 18.

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