Will Cortana For Android Negatively Impact Windows Phones?

Will Cortana For Android Negatively Impact Windows Phones?
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Microsoft is not running late on its promise. But its rush to keep up with market demand can certainly mean huge losses for their smartphones. As promised by Microsoft earlier this year, Cortana for Android and iOS is on its way.


Last weekend, a leaked Android version of Cortana started floating around. The invitation-only beta version has also been made available by Microsoft for testing.  A digital personal assistant, Cortana for Android is now available to people in the U.S. and China.

However, in order to get the official beta version of Android Cortana you need to own one of the most recent Android devices along with a Microsoft account linked with the Insider program of Windows.

Cortana voice assistant for long have been a unique facility available only to Windows phones. It ties together a number of vital components of Microsoft’s ecosystem, including emails, Xbox Music, Outlook calendars, Bing search and more. Cortana for Android will let the user dictate reminders, track flights and help in many other ways to keep life more organized.  Notebook is also there.

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There has to be some difference. Microsoft cannot tap into other operating systems like Android or iOS, the way it does with Windows devices. Hence, the Android version will lack the hands-free activation through “Hey Cortana” and options like launching apps or opening settings on a single-voice command.

Another Windows 10 app, Phone Companion is on its way which will help syncing handsets and running Windows, Android or iOS with your PC.  So if you thrive in the ecosystem of Microsoft, this new app can actually be something you should look out for.

The changed outlook of the Microsoft team to concentrate on cross-platform applications can be helpful for the users and for the company. However, they are most expected to have a negative impact on Windows phones as these devices will miss the advantages they have been enjoying in terms of exclusivity.

The iOS version of Cortana is scheduled to be out by the end of this year.