Will Alex Discover Secret Link Between Her Father And The FBI In Episode 3 Of ‘Quantico’?

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The first two episodes of the ABC television thriller series “Quantico” have been aired and now we know where the story is heading. However, the thriller has kept all of us guessing about what happens next and who the real terrorist is. Alex is a suspect for the attack. According to Josh Safran, showrunner, everyone is a suspect and there will be new people in the row as the series will progress.


So, if you are waiting eagerly to catch episode 3 to uncover the mystery, here are some season 1 episode 3 Quantico spoilers for you,

According to the released teaser, Alex arrives at the realization that there has been a force working behind her with a motivation to frame her. Liam convinces Alex to get into a press conference and to turn herself in; but how it goes is yet to be seen.

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Safran has made it clear that Alex is not the culprit, but it will take efforts to prove herself. In the third episode we will see Alex continuing her training, and she discovers a link between her father and the FBI, which seems to give the story a new turn.

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In the upcoming episode, the NATs will be trained about profiling and they will be given the assignment of analyzing each other. This can open the opportunity to viewers to know more about each of the members in the group.

In her recent interview with The New York Times Priyanka Chopra, a bona-fide Bollywood actress, told the reporters that the series addresses an important issue like terrorism and the way it has been presented is ideal to make people think.

To know more about the episode 3 of “Quantico,” we have to wait till Sunday night.