Why You Need To Watch NASA’s Major Announcement About Mars Discovery

Why You Need To Watch NASA’s Major Announcement About Mars Discovery
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Ahead of NASA’s conference where it will reveal a “major science finding” of what has been discovered on the red planet, Mars, several people are speculating that the discovery will confirm that Earth is not the only home to life.


Nevertheless, it is believed that NASA has discovered flowing water on Mars. For its announcement, the space agency has selected a collection of top authorities and other notable personalities from American universities as part of its panel. The key note speakers will include Jim Green, Director of Planetary Science, and Michael Meyer, lead scientist for the Mars Exploration Program. Also present as part of the conference will be Ph.D. candidate in planetary science at Georgia Tech, Lujendra Ojha, who discovered possible flowing salt water on the surface of the red planet in 2011.

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The then 21-year-old Ojha, a student at the University of Arizona, eliminated visual distortions from the images of Mars acquired through satellite; comparing the changes of the images over a period of time, he discovered streaks that, as he later found, were dried salt left behind by saltwater streaming on Mars’ surface.

“When I first saw them, I had no idea what it was. I just thought it was a streak made by dust or something similar,” he said, as reported by CNN. The possibility of flowing water on Mars is supported by Matthew Chojnacki, planetary geologist at the University of Arizona. In a blog post, he writes of the streaks discovered by Ojha as “narrow, dark-toned streaks that descend steep Martian slopes, beginning in higher-lying rocky outcrops.”

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Chojnacki further wrote, “They grow fast, over timescales as brief as a week. Their seasonal behaviour and preference for warm equator-facing slopes suggests that something volatile, like briny water, could be involved.”

Manual Nigel Watson, author of UFO Investigation Manual, said he hoped that NASA will announce that we are not alone in the universe. According to the Journal Telegraph, he said, “For the more conspiracy minded they might wonder if NASA will announce that one of the many artefacts or structures seen in pictures sent back to Earth is real, or that they have found some form of alien base.”

He further added, “That would be a massive intellectual and philosophical bombshell for humanity to cope with, though the odds of this, to use the words of Wells, is likely to be ‘a million to one’.” However, he also said that the possibility of finding water on Mars is more probable. “When I first heard about NASA’s forthcoming announcement I immediately wondered if they had found some form of microscopic life there,” he said. “It seems more likely that they have found water on Mars, which is the next best thing as it would indicate the possibility that life has clung onto this planet or existed there in the past.”

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The last time that NASA held a similar conference was when they announced the discovery of Earth-like planet Kepler-452b, according to NEWS.com.au.

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