Why Yahoo also apologized over Google Mail’s recent outage

Why Yahoo also apologized over Google Mail’s recent outage
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Why Yahoo also apologized over Google Mail Recent Outage Why Yahoo also apologized over Google Mail’s recent outageIt was just logical that Google Inc released an apology to users of some of its services. The company apologized for the inconvenience of the recent outage, particularly of Gmail, which is among the most popular and widely used free Webmail services online today.


But in an interesting twist of events, top competitor Yahoo Inc also released an apology over the previous failure particularly in Gmail. Yahoo has its own Webmail service, Yahoo Mail, which is one of the oldest and pioneer email services that still exist today.

Yahoo issued its own apology through its own Twitter account on Friday, January 24. Its own apologetic statement came after a number of netizens heavily criticized it for dissing Google just in time when Gmail was having a problem.

Yahoo’s apology

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Yahoo’s tweet reflected humility and accountability. It said that earlier that day, the company had a bad judgment by posting an inappropriate tweet. Yahoo disclosed that the controversial message was already deleted on its Twitter account. In the end of the brief statement, the company also apologized to Google and to Gmail. Yahoo added that its Twitter account is being managed by an editorial team that provides information about news and events.

Some observers think that Yahoo must have been taken aback by some tweets, which recalled how Yahoo’s own Webmail service had its own problems last month. Many tweets pointed out that while Gmail was down for just a couple of hours, Yahoo mail’s recent outage lasted several days, or probably weeks.

Google apologizes

In its own statement, Google apologized for the inconvenience its recent outage caused to users. It thanked Gmail users for the patience and continuous support. The company has assured that it still prioritizes system reliability. It added that it is doing continuous improvements to make its systems even better. However, the company did not give further details about the actual cause of the outage.

Gmail’s service was disrupted in January 24, at about 2:12 p.m. ET. By 2:58 p.m., it posted an update about the outage on its App Status dashboard. By 3:14 p.m. on that same day, the company announced that the service had already been restored. By 3:23 p.m., it said other services affected by the problem had also been fully restored. The outage also involved several other Google services like Google Calendar, drive, Sheets, Slides, Talk, Documents, Groups, Sites, and Drawings.


  • Yahoo may have sent out an apology but lots of users of Yahoo mail could not see it because that website has a notice posted for the past week that it is “experiencing temporary problems”….so access to Yahoo Mail is blocked. TEMPORARY??????? A week is NOT TEMPORARY!!!! No further explanation or help for users.

    • Debbie

      My Yahoo email was out for several days. It’s finally been fixed this afternoon. When I used their link to report the problem, they asked for an addy where they could contact me. I gave them my Outlook email account. I still have not received any reply from them at that addy. But there were 2 replies in my Yahoo account when I finally got on there this afternoon. Whole hell of a lot of good that did me. I’m moving all of my business emails over to Outlook now. We’ll see how long it is until they have an outage. (And the reason I had an Outlook account already: Yahoo kept bouncing emails from a news feed I get, even after I repeatedly contacted them asking them to fix it and notified them that it was not spam.)

  • Serge

    Today 27 January, 2.03PM EST, Gmail is down again !!!
    G O O G L E WTF ????????

  • Sharon

    My iPhone also had the same problem. Can’t access to yahoo mail for couple of days. What is wrong with yahoo server.

  • I cant check my damn yahoo mail what is going on.I soooooo piss off!!!!!!

  • A word or two on yahoo and gmail. Yahoo accounts have been a super boon to professionals, particularly, in the world, as a free, high benefit for work, communication and status. However, the past few years (I’ve had accounts for over 15 years) yahoo accounts have been repeatedly violated, and the sites insecure, storage taken, with theft of the accounts. I now have me, me, me on the accounts (1/31/2014)

    Google Mail, which is new to me, appears to be totally manipulated and controlled (and I love google and find it to be the best search engine around); and to have the right to freely transfer mail from my yahoo account to that site against my desires, to block the accounts, etc.. For me, it “seems” to be stable for outgoing, and intermittent or unreliable for incoming. It’s a nice manageable site, and links with high features that look “paid for” (not by me; started on me, me, me).

    Just a comment near the continued violations going on. Julie Ann Racino

    • Cee

      But, privacy issues, bad corporate behaviour, and for a service vs value, gmail is worse than paying for a email service.

      And with links stretching back to the inception of the company to the CIA, NSA and DARPA, don’t be evil really is just a line, not a fact!

      Google main purpose is to collect your data and find out about as much as possible, search, mail and every service is just a means to that end.

      1+1 does equal 2, not 3 as Google would have you believe