Lessons From Mother Nature: Why Duterte Is Duterte

Lessons From Mother Nature: Why Duterte Is Duterte
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“They asked me to use the back door instead,” he said.


He was narrating his experience to a young priest visiting the home of a parishioner. They where afraid that the bitch that just whelped might bite at him. An instinctive reaction to protect.

“I always remember that experience everytime I talk about the evil of abortion,” he continued.

“Man easily kills a baby in an abortion and more often than not, with the consent of the mother. And here we have an animal who would attack to protect her puppies. Even by the mere perception of danger.”

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“What happened to us humans who were made in the image and likeness of God,” he concluded.

If you go to school to fetch your daughter then see her crying because she was bullied by a classmate… wait, let me downgrade this a bit. You arrive in school seeing her sobbing with bruises, because she was bullied by her classmates. What will you do?

Let me share what my mother did. I was a freshman in college, and just a few weeks into the term, someone called the house while I was still out and told the one who answered that “they will kill me tomorrow.” You can imagine how I felt when I arrived home. My mother wasted no time interrogating me.

“Are you courting somebody?”

“Are you involved in a love triangle?”

“Where you involved in a fight in school?”

“Did you join any fraternity?”

And to all, I answered, “NO!”

She fetched me from school the next day. I kissed her as usual and noticed that one of her hands was inside her bag. Curiously, I reached out to see what was in the bag. Lo and behold. She brought Mr. Smith & Wesson, fully loaded. Her hands clasping the gun, her trigger finger ready to pull at will.

The call was a prank, and thank God nothing happened. But my mother did not risk it. She is not going to let her son go down without a fight. Mother’s nature?

Question. “If you are a shepherd tasked to guard a flock and a pack of wolves attacks. Which of the five will you most probably do?”

a) Lie down and offer yourself to the pack to be eaten instead of the sheep.
b) Sacrifice a lamb or two by throwing them to the wolves as a peace offering.
c) Fight it out until they are neutralized, killed, or run away.
d) Beg them to just eat the neighbors flock instead.
e) Shriek!

My God-given instinct tells me to go for “c.” Hey! Don’t blame me. Blame mother nature!

If by God’s grace, Mayor Duterte gets the presidency. He is literally a marked man from day one. He may have a very rough personality among many things, but mind you, he is not stupid. He knows this!

In the Philippines, there are some politicians who spend several millions during the campaign with a plan to get an ROI with profit when placed in power. Duterte promised to lead by example. He will just live by his salary. And so should everybody else. “BANG!”

The narcotics business in the country is in a boom. And the government contributed to this by tolerating the manufacture of Methampenamine Hydrochloride, more commonly known as “shabu” or “poor man’s cocaine,” under the sponsorship of people with the Department of Justice. They manufacture it inside the National Penitentiary, where prisoners were mentored to be experts in the arts and science of drug-making. He will stop it, and drug lords will lose their business interests. “BANG!”

He promises to fix the criminality problem in our country in three to six months.

He said, “I am not promising you a Utopia. I am not promising you heaven. But in three to six months, you will see the difference.”

And then the third “BANG!”

“Or else I will resign.” All those who hate him, saints and sinners alike just have to do one thing. Create problems, and on the seventh month, they have successfully kicked out Duterte.

Issue on rape

The latest issue on “rape” was exploited by his political opponents. I believe God and His great wisdom have allowed this to happen, for Duterte’s supporters now passes through a finer mesh to sieve them further. The challenge he will be facing is gigantic. And if his followers are not as committed, he will not succeed. He needs a strong-hard-core-true-blue-nationalists to be the new heroes who will passionately partner with him in nation building. Who will walk with him through thick and thin.

And if his followers though many are not as committed, he will not succeed. He needs a strong-hard-core-true-blue-nationalists to be the new heroes who will passionately partner with him in nation building. Who will walk with him, through thick and thin.

He vowed to deliver his promise to fight criminals and bring peace and order to the country, and I quote, “even if it would cost me my life, my honor, and even my liberty.”

Contrary to the instinctive behavior of self-preservation, the man is offering us his life in the service of his country. And the opponents who belittled his capacity to win are now in panic mode after Duterte shot up to Number 1 in the latest survey.

“No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends,” Jesus Christ once said. It still rings true today.

Only Duterte among the rest is offering us the greatest love. I will respond.

How about you?


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