Why Is Conjuring 2 Spinoff ‘The Nun’ Happening, But Not ‘Amityville’? Director Speaks

Why Is Conjuring 2 Spinoff ‘The Nun’ Happening, But Not ‘Amityville’? Director Speaks
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“The Conjuring 2” director James Wan confirmed that there will be a spinoff with focus on the demonic nun villain and has debunked hopes that there will be a sequel for the famous Amityville case.


Like The “Conjuring” which had a spinoff entitled “Annabelle” pertaining to the possessed doll, New Line just confirmed that “The Conjuring 2” is slated to release its spinoff for the nun character which freaked out moviegoers. The nun was portrayed by Bonnie Aarons in heavy makeup.

The nun character in the “The Conjuring 2” was notably a last-minute decision by New Line after James Wan pitched the nun character. The scenes for the spooky character were shot three months before “The Conjuring 2” release date last June 10, The Hollywood Reporter told.

It can also be noted that The Conjuring 2 has showed glimpse of the famous Amityville case, which got fans excited for a possible spin-off movie.

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However, James Wan immediately debunked this theory and reiterate that The Conjuring 2 will only have The Nun spinoff.

“You know in terms of a director, I think there are a lot of other things that I would love to do, that I would love to pursue” James Wan told in an interview with Bloody Disgusting.

“But I think I definitely want to continue you know, keeping my presence in the horror world with movies I’m going to start producing. I want to be involved more as a producer in this world, sort of what I did with “Lights Out”. I think it would be a great opportunity for me to work with younger filmmakers and explore the horror world more.”

The director said that he wanted to do “The Conjuring 2” after he had an “emotional tough movie” with Furious 7.

“I needed to come back to some kind of familiarity, and to work with people that I really love, but moving forward, I would like to explore some other directing opportunities,” he said.

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