Why Did Justin Bieber Cancel His Appearance On ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’?

Why Did Justin Bieber Cancel His Appearance On ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’?
Justin Bieber Joe Bielawa / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Justin Bieber had a rough couple of weeks wherein he was seen breaking down in tears on camera on several occasions. Many critics assessed that the “Sorry” singer might be heading for a meltdown as he cancelled an appearance on the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on short notice.


As reported by Billboard, Bieber was scheduled to perform on the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Tuesday morning. He was also expected for the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade” the same day. However, the “What Do You Mean?” singer took to Twitter and said, “”My apologies to @colbertlateshow as I won’t be able to make it to nyc tomorrow for the show. I look forward to making it up to you soon.”

He also made a separate tweet addressing Colbert himself which stated,

“@StephenAtHome thank you for the understanding as sometimes life kicks our a– and we need to deal with it. I will see u soon. Thank you.”

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Apparently, Justin Bieber cancelled on short notice. What went wrong?

According to Daily Mail, the 21-year-old Canadian singer has been experiencing several ups and downs since he went back under the spotlight. In fact, a source stated that he has been on a roller coaster ride with his emotions, experiencing several mood swings to the point that the stress has taken its toll on him.

Since his album “Purpose” released, Bieber has been touring to promote his newest musical achievement. However, as he did this, he was always breaking down in tears on stage, including that time when he debuted his chart-successful single “What Do You Mean?” at the MTV Video Music Awards last August 30.

He was also seen in the same state at a Q&A at the Staples Center earlier this month. Is Bieber going down the dark path once again?

Despite speculations relating to his recent stressful weeks, Bieber was seen having a relaxing time with his scooter by the parking lot of W Hotel shortly after he cancelled his “Late Show” appearance. Surprisingly so, the singer seemed fine.


  • Mike_Scarborough

    The tweet from Bieber says it all. Either he has a good publicist, or Bieber is growing up. To no-show is human, to apologize is almost divine.

  • Doc2222

    Maybe he’ll end up in an insane asylum and we won’t have to hear about him anymore, thus saving our own sanity.