Who Run The World? Vladimir Putin Does.

Who Run The World? Vladimir Putin Does.
Meeting with President of the United States Barack Obama President of Russia / Official Website CC by 4.0

For three consecutive years, Russian President Vladimir Putin is number one in Forbes’ list of World’s Most Powerful People. U.S. President Barack Obama dropped one spot from number 2 to number 3, the first time a sitting U.S. president has not made it into the 2 top spots.


According to Forbes, those on the list “truly run the world.” So much so that if Mr. Putin is number one, does this make him the runner of all runners of the world?

Mr. Putin nabbed the spot for his unyielding power despite Western sanctions in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. Ruble and Russia’s economy is at its lowest point but Mr. Putin remains relentless. While all critics are saying that Russia is at the brink of poverty, the president said his country is only shifting towards self-sustainability. He must have done something right because his approval ratings in June is at an all-time high of 89 percent, Forbes noted. At the end of September, he started an onslaught in Syria against the ISIS and met in person with Syrian president Bashir al-Assad afterwards – something that U.S. and NATO have not done.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is number 2 in the list. With this, she remains the most powerful woman on the planet for ten consecutive years.

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Unfortunately for Mr. Obama, his “power” decreases as he enters the final year of his regime. Forbes noted that he has a failing mark of 50 percent in his approval ratings. Quoting Forbes, Mr. Obama is “outshined by Angela Merkel in Europe and outmaneuvered by Putin in the Middle East.”

At number four in Forbes’ list of World’s Most Powerful People is Pope Francis followed by Chinese president Xi Jinping. At number 6 is Bill Gates and at number seven is Janet Yellen, Chair of the Federal Reserve. At number eight is U.K.’s prime minister David Cameron followed ta number nine by India’s Narendra Modi. Finally, at number ten is someone from the tech industry – Google’s Larry Page.