Who Is ‘Watermelon Boy?’

Who Is ‘Watermelon Boy?’
Photo Credit: CocteauBoy via Compfight cc

Watermelon can make you famous. Don’t believe me? Check out Watermelon Boy, who became a popular face online following a video showing him eating a watermelon at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.


Mitchell Schibeci, an Australian boy, has been named “Watermelon Boy” by cricket fans. He has received cult status among fans. The commentators at the Melbourne Cricket Ground were shocked to find him eating the fruit so vigorously.

The hashtag #watermelonboy was trending on social media following the occurrence on Saturday. Mitchell seems excited with the acquired fame. He said it was difficult to eat the watermelon. The “Watermelon Boy” said in the interview, “It was a lot more hard work than I thought it would be… I just kept on eating and eating it.” The 10-year-old boy has been eating the fruit since he was two.

He also mentioned in a BBC interview, “I’m not really a hero, I’m just a normal average kid.” The kid happens to be the son of Melbourne’s SEN 1116 radio host and sports reporter Tony Schibeci.

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Eating a whole watermelon can never make you so famous. Even if it does, it is only for a short duration. The “Watermelon Boy” is enjoying his share of fame for the time being.

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