‘Where’s Waldo’? Find Him And You’re Heart Will Melt

‘Where’s Waldo’? Find Him And You’re Heart Will Melt
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Ordinary people can do extraordinary deeds. This is the story of a construction worker at a children’s hospital in Indiana who entertains sick children by hiding a life-sized Waldo, a character from the popular children’s book “Where’s Waldo?”


Jason Haney was working for the expansion of the Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend. But instead of focusing on his construction job, he went outside of the box and thought of an ingenious way to entertain the children. He began hiding an 8-foot Waldo, then allowed the children on the other side of the building to guess where Waldo’s new location is.

Heidi Prescott, the hospital’s media specialist, told ABC News that the simple initiative has created a significant impact on their pediatric patients. Each day, Prescott said, their child patients look forward to finding Waldo.

“My daughter, she had a stroke when my wife was carrying her in utero. When she was about 3, we noticed something wasn’t quite right. They did a CAT scan and they found out there was brain damage and were talking about her in the fact that she wouldn’t learn past the third grade level, and it just devastated us,” Haney told ABC News.

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The game begins when Haney hides the large cut-out, then lets the kids find Waldo. Once the kids find Waldo, Haney will then transfer the character to a new spot.

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Haney’s Where’s Waldo game has gained popularity online, which even resulted to the creation of a dedicated Facebook page so people could post their own finds.

Haney’s initiative began when a snowman figure entertained many patients and staffs from the hospital, the Huffington Post reported.

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