WhatsApp’s New Feature Lets Users Know when Recipients Read Their Message

WhatsApp’s New Feature Lets Users Know when Recipients Read Their Message
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whatsapp WhatsApp’s New Feature Lets Users Know when Recipients Read Their MessageYou may already have experienced waiting for too long or wondering why a friend of yours doesn’t reply to your SMS to him/her. Did he/she receive your text message? WhatsApp seems to understand this predicament.


The mobile messaging app has rolled out a new feature that would provide you the peace of mind you want. Its users can now read receipts telling them when the recipients have read their messages.

By this, WhatsApp users would know whether the recipient did not receive the message or simply just opts to ignore it. It would send an understandable indirect message to any user. Some people may not really want hearing from certain individuals.

How it works

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If you are familiar with WhatsApp, you may notice that there are two little gray check marks appearing next to every message sent. Now is the time to set it clear. Double check marks don’t mean that the recipient saw or read the message.

Actually, a gray check mark indicates that the message has been successfully sent. Two gray check marks indicate that the message was successfully delivered to the smartphone of the recipient.

The first check mark would turn blue to indicate that the person has actually read the message. Now, a user would know if the recipient simply prefers to ignore it by not sending any reply. And no recipient would now use the alibi of not reading a WhatsApp message for any inaction.

How about in a group chat? It is still applicable. The second check mark would turn blue as well when all the participants in the group messaging session have actually read the message.

How to get the feature

What’s more? A user does not need to actually download or install an update of WhatsApp to enjoy this new feature. It would automatically be implemented on Android and iOS devices where the app is being used.

Moreover, WhatsApp users may also expect to enjoy a new voice-calling feature in the coming days. There have already been leaked images that support rumors for such a new capability. But we have to wait a little for confirmation and formal announcements, which we hope could happen soon.