WhatsApp vs Viber 2016: Which Messaging App Has Better Features?

WhatsApp vs Viber 2016: Which Messaging App Has Better Features?
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In the modern age, text messaging or voice calling are no longer the sole means of advanced communication. A lot of web-based apps have come out and all one needs is a stable internet connection.


Both are closely similar on all fronts and are free to use. In fact the only cost could be Internet connectivity that users will need to stay online.

Looking over the features of both Viber and WhatsApp, it will be a tough task to single out which to use. Both are free and provide users a free way to communicate from anywhere in the world.

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Aside from texting, they can also help share photos to peers. As we move into the specifics, here is perhaps where the nitty-gritty comes in.

Security Levels

Of the two, WhatsApp wins out. it emphasizes on privacy and security using end-to-end encryption. Hence, messages can only be read by users they were intended to, something that is active by default.

Viber pretty much has the same thing but is a certain constraint – same versions. The security feature works only if the ones in the conversation are using the same version, a reason why most are advised to update to the latest one.

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Video Calling

Viber supports video calls for iOS and Android, provided they satisfy the minimum requirements of the device/s in use. WhatsApp has yet to offer the video calling feature, something that is reportedly in the works and yet to be integrated.

With those mentioned, it will all boil down to what users would want. Will it be security or more advanced features like Viber’s video calling feature that will stand out as important?

Also, there is the consideration of which app holds the most number of friends you can communicate with. So once you have to decide, place that as a side factor before proceeding.

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