WhatsApp Is Now Free And On The Web

WhatsApp Is Now Free And On The Web
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WhatsApp has just announced it’s changing the way it does business, starting with making their services completely free.


WhatsApp says they have decided to do away with charging users with subscription fees. They typically charge fees after the first year of subscription. However, WhatsApp admits that “this approach hasn’t worked well.” There seemed to be a constant fear among users who were worried they will no longer be able to communicate with friends and family after the first year since they don’t have any credit or debit card. Hence, this prompted the company to remove fees from various versions of their app.

With the removal of fees, WhatsApp also says it plans to make money other ways. However, the company is far from allowing third-party apps into their app. Instead, it is looking to establish strategic partnerships with companies users may want to hear from – banks, airlines and more.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has also announced that their app is available on the web, aside from mobile devices. According to the company, having WhatsApp on your web browser will be just like having WhatsApp in your mobile phone since the web version simply mirrors all your conversations and messages. What you need to make sure is that the app stays live on your phone so that the web version would work.

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To get started using WhatsApp on your web browser, simply open this link on Google Chrome. You just need to scan a QR code to be able to pair WhatsApp in your phone with the web version. Meanwhile, WhatsApp says that for the moment, the web version is not available for Apple customers.

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