Western Tuesday: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Still Leading

Western Tuesday: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Still Leading
Ted Cruz Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Ted Cruz will look to narrow the margin between him and Republican front runner Donald Trump while Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is hoping to make a comeback against Hillary Clinton in Western Tuesday contests across three states.


The primaries in Arizona and caucuses in Utah (and caucuses in Idaho for the Democrats) come as the front runners for both parties, Trump and Clinton, becoming favorites for the nomination. Republicans have 98 delegates up for grabs and Democrats have 131.

Arizona, the state which has had illegal immigration problems since a long time, looks promising for Trump. With the business mogul’s promise of building a wall along the state and the entire US Mexico border, Trump could achieve glory in the state. Moreover, he has the backing of former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Joe Desilets, a Republican strategist and managing partner at the firm 21st&Main, said that Trump’s endorsement and stand on immigration could tip the scales in his favor. “I don’t see any way for Cruz to pull out a win in Arizona. A state like Arizona has been Trump’s to lose all along,” Desilets said.

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At present, Trump is ahead of Cruz 681-425 in the delegate count, according to FOX News. While Cruz had bagged seven primaries and caucuses, Trump leads with 19. Ohio Governor John Kasich stands last with 143 delegates to his name.

On the Democratic side, Sanders is hoping to bounce back in the contest after a disappointing finish in five contests in the Midwest and the South last week; which helped Clinton expand her delegate count lead.

According to CNN, the latest estimate reveals that Clinton has 1656 delegates, which includes 1174 pledged delegates and 482 superdelegates. Sanders, on the other hand, has 877 delegates, including 850 pledged delegates and 27 superdelegates.

To bag the nomination, a candidate is required to have 2,383 delegates.

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